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Deekshalaya institute provides hostel facilities for girls and boys students within the campus itself. The hostel facility is provided tostudents of the institute. For boys and girls we have two hostels each can accommodate both boys and girls students.The wardens of our hostels. Faculty members residing in hostel support the wardens. Our hostels provide a disciplined, safe, calm, hygienic and peaceful atmosphere for students for their studies as well as personal growth. We have facilities for mess, chapel, study hall, gymnasium etc. and we are full-fledged Wi-Fi campus. Our hostels aim at development – Intellectual, Cultural, Moral, Social, Emotional and Spiritual – of the students. They are formation houses and cultural centers that provide excellent ambiance for the holistic development of their inmates. Electricity is provided for 24 hours. In case of power failure, generator will supply power to the all our hostels.

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